Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes - When it comes to Baby Clothing, you don’t need to register for a whole lot, as this will be the first thing people will give you. If anything, register for some onesies for when they are newborns (with arms and legs).

Baby clothing stores we like are:

- Carters (you can find this brand at Babies R Us as well as JC Penny) – good quality at an affordable price

- Old Navy – cute, affordable stuff for the modern mom who wants her kids in big people clothes

- Baby Gap

- Osk Kosh B Gosh

- Gymboree – on sale only!

- Janie & Jack – for those very special occasions

- Tea Collection

Words of Wisdom:

- You will change your baby multiple times a day and you will let them wear the same thing for 3 days in a row because you will be too tired to deal!

- Make sure to keep the tags on everything over 6 months, in case later on you decide you want to return something.

- Wash all clothing before they wear it

- Get the newborn pajamas that have the little things that fold over the hands. This way they won't scratch themselves.

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