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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The REAL pleasures of the Babymoon

During both of my pregnancies, my husband and I got the chance to take a modest babymoon. When we were expecting S, we drove up to Portland, Maine for a night. We took in a Seadogs baseball game, strolled around the Old Port, and treated ourselves to a nice dinner out. This summer, as we await #2, we had the chance to do the same in Bar Harbor, sans toddler, of course. As S hung out with her nana and papa, we were enjoying a sunny cruise in the harbor, chowing down on good food, and driving through the wilds of Acadia.

We also enjoyed some quality “alone time” (insert your sketchy uncle’s nudge and wink here), as every good babymoon should, I suppose. But let’s be honest: this isn’t a honeymoon. If you’re going on a babymoon, it’s because you’re pregnant, which probably means that you’re swollen, tired, irritable, or all of the above. And as for your babymoon buddy, they're probably a little fried themselves, as they’ve been tirelessly rubbing your puffy feet, fetching food for your cravings, and tiptoeing around your moody self. The two of you might not be feeling quite as amorous as on your wedding night.

So no, the babymoon is not all about sex. In fact, here are the 3 main pleasures of the babymoon that you might not have guessed:

1)     Sleep and shower as often and as long as you desire.
2)     Eat a leisurely, several-course meal at a super-trendy restaurant.
3)     Wander and explore aimlessly, and with few belongings.

I'll touch on each of these briefly. On #1, the sleep is probably a no-brainer. As my father-in-law so cheerily told us at our baby shower for S, "you'll never sleep in again." And you know what? Grandpa was right.

But no one warned me how much I'd miss a good shower. When you have a little one needing you at every moment of the day, it's unlikely that you'll be able to zone out in the hot spray as your skin prunes. It's more likely that you'll learn, as I have, to brush your teeth, soap up, and shave your legs at the same time, and all under 4 minutes flat.

#2: With kids in tow, getting a good meal out is a challenge. It's not impossible, mind you, but you might find yourself suggesting (gasp!) Ruby Tuesday's at 4:45pm on a Saturday evening. The babymoon is a chance to remind yourself that you enjoy eating in the company of adults--really cool, bordering on pretentious, adults. Eat something unusual, take your time, and as a bonus, enjoy some uninterrupted conversation. It's ok if it's just about how long you're going to sleep or shower next.

And #3: One thing I miss about my pre-kid life is the luxury of wandering aimlessly, without an eye on the clock for meals and naptimes. So on your babymoon, be sure to take your time exploring and to make some unexpected stops along the way.

Oh, and be sure to only carry a ridiculously tiny purse, one that would never fit diapers or a sippy cup.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This pregnancy is not like the other

As I head into the second trimester of my second pregnancy I have been thinking a lot about the differences between this one and the last one three years ago.

Of course there are the major differences in my life at that time. We lived downtown in a two bedroom condo. I was working...not full-time in an office but I was self employed and working every day. I was in pretty great shape when I got pregnant. And the obvious difference - I didn't have a two year old to look after.

The differences in the actual pregnancy are drastic too. It took me two years to get pregnant with M, but the actual pregnancy was fairly easy. I didn't have any nausea, I was energetic, and working out way into the third trimester.

This time around - holy hell.

I have been feeling carsick since the moment I found out I was actually pregnant. That type of nausea where you want to throw up, but you can't, and all you want to do is stick your head out the door and get fresh air. Oh and stuff your face full of carbs. Hold on...I need to get some fresh air right now!

Ok, I'm back...and just took some Tums. All I want to do is eat egg bagel after egg bagel, and loaves of bread. And did I mention that I am not working out? Despite what you may have heard, the all bagel all the time diet is not as effective as you would think in the losing weight department!

Also I am exhausted. I don't know if it is because all I do all day is run after and play with a two year old, or if it is the pregnancy. I am going to guess it is a combo of both. As soon as I put M down for her afternoon nap I struggle to keep my own eyes open, and most days end up taking a nap myself. And if I don't get my 8 hours at night - forget it. Stay away...stay far away from me those days.