About Mama J

  • Current resident of Boston, MA, where I have lived since 1996
  • Born in New Jersey in the late 70s, but "grew up" outside of Philadelphia and in South Florida. 
  • Graduate of Boston College, but not a SuperFan
  • Wife to a very hard-working, and very handsome lawyer who loves to eat meat and might leave me for Bruce Springsteen if he had the chance
  • Mother to M, 3.5 year old singer/dancer/actress who has the most amazing boingy curls on her head and an uncanny ability to make me laugh just by looking at me
  • Mother to Val, 9 months old with thighs made for chewing, and already a personality unlike any other - she is going to be trouble!
  • Mother to "The Pooch" a neurotic hound mix who sheds like a mother effer. 
  • Daughter to 60-something active snowbirds whom I refer to as GPapa J and GMama J
  • Sister to a talented hipster genius who lives in Berlin
  • Former jewelry designer (but hope to someday get back to it) 
  • Lover of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones books
  • Crafter (all things felt, fabric or yarn!)
  • Devoted fan of the Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant and Karl Pilkington podcasts and tv shows
  • Photographer (weddings, family, general good times)
  • Eater of clean, organic and natural foods
  • Expert in all things parenting because I am a parent...right? 
Hell no. 

This is me before kids: 
Doing my best Top Model impression
And this is what kids has done to me: 
No comment. 

And this is why I write this blog...because who knew having kids could be so wonderful, but still cause you to go from the above to the below. I surely did not. And yes, I know my kitchen is a mess. Yours probably is too - don't judge. That is what I am here to do. 



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