Monday, July 27, 2009

The Belly Band

Oh the Belly Band! Our Mamas either LOVE it or LOATHE it. Some say it is “the best!!” while more than one of us calls it “the work of the devil.” Those that love the BB wore it all the time: to prolong the life of your normal jeans after you get to the point that you can’t button them, or when your shirts start getting too short, so it looks like you have on a tank underneath.

Those that hate the BB find that it is way too tight, and attempts holds your stomach in, when all you want to do is let it out. If you are especially gassy and bloated, it will do nothing but make you more uncomfortable as it pushes your tummy in. It is clearly a personal decision!

The Belly Bands can be found at most maternity stores, under many different names (i.e., BeBand at Target), and for many different prices ($16.99- $39.99). They also come in a cotton material in some stores, and a much less comfortable panty-hose-like material at others. Do some research before you purchase this necessity/torture device! You decide J


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