Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burp Cloths & Bibs

Pretty burp cloths are nice to have, but make sure you have some crappy ones around for the real messes. Believe us when we say you won’t care what the cloth looks like that you use to wipe up your babies spit up! Some Mamas even use Target plain wash cloths, while other like the organic line from Gerber. You can even use cloth diapers as a burp cloth. Whatever you get, you will need a ton of them.

Like Burp Cloths, you will need a ton of bips. In the beginning you will want soft ones to clean up the spit –up and drool that is constantly coming out of your babies mouth. When they are older, you can use ones that are laminated or plastic. We like the Bumpkins and the Kiddopotamus brands for bibs.

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