Monday, July 27, 2009

Hospital: Reviews

The majority of our Mama’s delivered their bundles at Brigham & Women’s hospital, and has nothing but glowing reviews. A few of us delivered at Beth Israel, and one at MGH, and they too had a great experience:

“Beth Israel is awesome. They deliver about a tenth of the babies as Brigham’s so they have a smaller, personal feel. But they’ve obviously got the amenities of a larger hospital. However, pick your doctor/practice not your hospital – that is most important.” MAMA E

“Brigham’s: Loved it, great rooms, room service, good food, access to childrens if anything goes wrong.” MAMA L

“I delivered at Brigham and Women’s and had a wonderful experience. I had a big private room with cable, the food was actually good, and the nurses were great.” MAMA S

“Mass General – top notch service start to finish. Could have used more lactation support but could have been more demanding myself rather than passive.” MAMA C

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