Monday, July 27, 2009

Maternity Clothing: Words of Wisdom

“My goal was to spend as little money as possible – who wants to buy clothes that you can only wear when you’re fat? All you need is a few interesting pieces. It’s good to shop in non-maternity departments too – the juniors section always has long tops and typically lots of tunics that can often cover a belly. And the plus size department is also good – or even just buying up a few sizes from you normally wear. As for pants, you have to decide whether you’re a below the belly, half-panel, or full-panel girl and buy pants accordingly. Sometimes this changes throughout pregnancy. “ – MAMA E

“Elastic waistband pants are absolutely the best part about being pregnant. All women should wear them at all times. They are comfortable and make your butt look great – especially in jeans. I suggest that you buy them and start wearing them the minute you get a positive pregnancy test if not sooner. Sometimes, when I daydream, I imagine a world where everyone, pregnant or not, wears elastic waistband clothing. I know that when that day comes there will be world peace. As for the timing of when to start wearing maternity clothing is a difficult one. There are pros and cons to wearing maternity clothing early. On the pro side, that the clothing makes you look like you are actually pregnant instead of just fat and that can be a good thing. The con to wearing the clothing early is that you will be wearing your maternity clothes for a long long time and – I promise – no matter how much you “LOVE” them when you first buy them, you will want to burn them by the time you are halfway through your second trimester.” – MAMA S

“Let's get something straight; there is nothing "cute" about maternity clothes. People say you look cute b/c they know you have a cute little baby inside, but generally there isn't cute maternity clothes. There are clothes than you can look normal-ish in and clothes you look big and pregnant. Try to get the ones you look normal in!” –MAMA R

“As far as the actual "maternity pants" definitely get some good ones and take the time to try on the different types of waistbands. I did not like the ones that were only half bands. Because I was carrying so low, it was not comfortable for me. I liked the "secret fit" brands from Motherhood is a real thin layer of fabric, almost like pantyhose, that is more stretchy so as you grow bigger it is more comfortable. I found the other kinds were uncomfortable, but everyone will have their own style. Most of my pregnancy, I rocked out in yoga-style pants and big t-shirts. But I work from home so I didn't have to worry about "dressup" clothes” – MAMA S

“By the end I fit nothing except one pair of jeans and a wrap around dress – so I had to go out and by a fall wardrobe. The large, over the belly stuff is so much more comfortable than the small waist band…once you have a belly, they’ll just start to fall off.” MAMA M

“Early on I bough 3 pairs of drawstring cotton pants from Old Navy (maybe 3-4 months) and I wore them the entire time. They were not maternity but they worked for me. It’s important to avoid buttons if you want to be able to wear something comfortably for a stretch of your pregnancy.” MAMA C

“BORROW BORROW BORROW – and wear your normal shirts unbuttoned with a pregnancy tank under then to save money” – MAMA A

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