Monday, July 27, 2009

Pea In A Pod/Mimi/Motherhood Maternity Clothing

This three-in-one maternity clothing stop (AKA Destination Maternity) is somewhat of an anomaly to us Mamas. It consists of the ridiculously expensive Pea in the Pod clothing in the front of the store, Mimi Maternity in the middle (which we were told runs slim fitting – and who wants that when they are pregnant), and the cheaper (both in price and quality) Motherhood Maternity clothing in the rear. Some of us spent a fortune in the Motherhood section, as they have trendy-ish clothing for a fraction of the cost of a shirt in the front of the store, BUT beware of their return policy, because it sucks. They do sell the very popular "secret fit belly" pants and skirts, that are a big favorite amongst the mamas.

The Pea in the Pod section is good for those Mamas that love their fancy designer jeans, or if you need a nicer dress to wear to a wedding/event. Most of us avoid it all together, as we can’t justify spending big bucks on clothes we will only wear for a few months of our lives. Pea in the Pod clothing comes closest to making you look like you actually have a “pea” in the pod, instead of a “planet” in the pod, but it is a vicious cycle because shopping here will also bankrupt you, which will in turn, make you depressed, which will in turn, make you eat more, which will in turn, force you to buy more (bigger) clothes.

NOTE: Maternity World at Wrentham Outlets sells all three of these lines, so be sure to check it out!

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