Monday, July 27, 2009

Pregnancy Books: Words of Wisdom

“Borrow books from your friends! It isn’t worth it to spend $20 a book on something you won’t read after you delivered. And it is fun to pass books around amongst friends. Plus they will be glad to be rid of them for the time being. Especially nice to pass the “Girlfriends guide…” between your close friends.” Soon to be Mama J

“You’ll get so sick of pregnancy books that you won’t buy any 1st year books – GET BABY 411…and read the “surviving the first 2 weeks” section in the hospital, or before” Mama M

“The reality is that the best books you can read now are the ones about what to do once your baby is born. Baby Whisperer,, Happy Sleep Habits, What To Expect Year 1. Once the baby arrives, it is hard to find time to read and, trust me, there is A LOT you don’t know and aren’t prepared for.” – MAMA S

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