Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strollers: UPPA Baby Vista '09

It is one of Martha’s Must Haves, so we must love it too!! For the most part that is true, but the Vista does have it’s flaws. This Rockland, MA made stroller looks somewhat like the Bug at first glance, but it is made completely of recycled materials. Like the Bug, it comes with a removable seat for older kids, as well as a bassinet (but seriously, who uses this??), and has all-terrain tires. But unlike the Bug, it can fold into one piece while the seat is attached (you do need both hands though, so junior will need to be somewhere safe while you do this). The seat can be used facing forward or backwards, but the handlebar is stationary (but can be raised and lowered with the click of a button). The Vista has the best storage space of the two (vs. Bug), and is lighter in weight (and price $669 – includes cup holder, retractable sun shade, padded shoulder straps and a softer selection of colors).

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