Monday, July 27, 2009

Target Maternity Clothing

Target is a great source for less expensive (and lesser quality) maternity clothes. Their maternity line, created by Liz Lange (who also has a more expensive line of maternity clothes sold in her own store) consists of your basic t-shirts, lounge wear and tanks, as well as your basic work clothes. Depending on the Target you go to, you might find a good selection, but the ones we have been to in Boston tend to be picked through all the time, leaving only the mama jamma XXL and XS sizes (seriously, who wears XS maternity clothes?)! They also seem to carry a selection of maternity bathing suits, which are a lot more modern looking than the typical maternity bathing suit – you know, the one that looks like something your grandmother wore when you were a kid, with the giant pointy boobs and ruffled skirt to your knees. You will definitely get the best bang for your buck at Target – that is if you can find your size!

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