Friday, August 21, 2009

What's in your diaper bag?

Here are a few extra things that we carry, outside of the obvious diapers/wipes/changing pad/sippy cup/pacifier:

- change of clothes (in case of spit up or diaper leak, or other messy situation)

- a little paperback version of "Your Baby's 1st Year" by the American Pediatric Association. So in case you ever need to look anything up in case of illness or just something you don't know what to do!

- sunscreen

- baby spoon

- hand sanitizer

- plastic bags for dirty diapers.

- travel size medical/safety kit, children's tylenol

- burp cloths (good to have if spit-up, need to wipe their face)

*Another tip is to make sure you replace the items that you use or take out frequently.

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