Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Monitors: Smile you're on candid camera!

After polling our 80+ members of our Facebook page, the consensus is that a video monitor is the way to go when registering. Although they will cost a significant amount more, they seem to be the favorite amongst the Mamas:

"Video is the way to go. You can see everything your little monkey is up to, and you can tell if they really need you in there, or if they are just rolling around in their sleep."

"Turns out, even though the baby's room is right next to ours, I love having it, especially when we're in another room watching t.v. or I'm cooking. It's great to take with you to people's houses, too, for dinner parties or visiting the Grandparents b/c it allows you to relax while enjoying some "adult time".

" When he was a newborn, it was especially helpful, because otherwise I would have been peeking into his room ALL the time!"

"It's nice when they're a little bigger and starting to pull themselves up so you can actually see what they are doing in there! Plus there's something comforting knowing that in the middle of the night I can look over and watch him sleeping on the monitor :)"

The favorite brand amongst the Mamas is the Summer Infant Day & Night Monitor.

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