Monday, January 25, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Fat Foot

When my friends started to have babies all around me, I did what every fertility challenged women does to her friends - I judged. I was a jealous fool, how could I not judge every purchase and every seemed so right at the time! Ha!

I would see friends spend hundreds of dollars on strollers and think, "what a waste of money! The kid won't care what he is rolling around in!" or see the price of clothing and think "I will never spend that much on an article of clothing for my kid - they will just grow out of it." Little did I know what I was in for when I became a mom.

Thanks in large part to my very generous parents, and friends and family members, my baby is not only rolling around in a $700 stroller, but her closet is filled with more nice clothes than my husband had has in his entire life. I would never thought I would admit it but...

My name is Jess, and I have a fancy pants baby.

Before I had Marlo, I was also very strict about being on time places. I would be annoyed beyond belief when friends would call 5 minutes before they were supposed to be places and say they were going to be 30 minutes late due to something that their baby unexpectedly did. What nerve! Couldn't they have planned more accordingly! And now here I am, fully immersed in motherhood...and my life now controlled by my babies appetite and sleep schedule. Almost 8 weeks down and I have recently managed to arrive places JUST on time after a ton of practice. The only way that works is to plan to be ready 30 minutes before I actually need to be ready, which isn't always possible!! But again, I never thought I would admit it but...

My name is Jess, and I might be late to some things.

I had also always said to my husband before we had Marlo, "we are never letting her suck on a pacifier. I didn't when I was a baby, so she isn't now." Jump to me this morning at 6:30 AM: Marlo had been up since 3:00...we are rocking in the glider...she is wailing...I am shoving a pacifier in her mouth, which keeps her quiet for approximately a 5 minute stretch. It is true that parents will do whatever they have to keep their baby quiet - well, almost anything. I do still refuse to call it a "paci" or "binky." We have chosen to go with the oh so elloquent "peace maker," thanks to my husband.

My name is Jess, and my kids uses a pacifier...and I will never judge another parent again!


  1. I was totally on the 'no pacifier' bandwagon ... then my 1 day old had to spend 3 days at Children's Hospital ... When the nurse asked if she could give him a 'binky' (which I thought meant a 'blankie', but that's another story), to help him feel more settled/secure his first night in this world in the NICU, I said without hesitation, YES.
    Once back home, my fear of him wanting to have it in his mouth 24/7 has not materialized. It's more for getting him settled to sleep when he is a little over-stimulated and it is a great cure for the hiccups too. I will admit that we do the, 'sneak in his room & pop the pacifier (sometimes we call it a nuk) back in without him seeing us' move when we see on the monitor that he has spit it out and can't find it ... But lately when he has spit it out, he has been finding his fingers instead.
    So, for now we will let our little guy decide what works for him: pacifier, fingers, thumb, and not what works for mum & dad.

  2. love it. no judging seems like the only way to go...

  3. ps i had a paci till i was 8, and my husband had his almost as long. and we turned out normal (sort of)...

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