Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

by Guest Blogger Mama Brooke

My husband and I really wanted to see Avatar. I'm not really a movie person but hype told us it was best to see it in the theater in all of its three dimensional glory. This, however, was not easy to manage considering we had a 6-week-old. But, we figured then was as good a time as any to try out our first babysitting experience. We live away from our families, so getting parents or In-laws to sit was not an option. We had a night nurse in the beginning (a luxury we couldn't afford, but didn't regret nonetheless), so we used her to babysit. I had already known her so it wasn't so traumatizing. Surprisingly, on our way out I didn't feel guilty, or sad.  I felt great. Why not? I deserve to get out once in awhile without the little munchkin. It doesn't mean I love my baby any less, but I think I felt a little guilty for not feeling guilty. 

Midway through the movie, while enjoying the psychedelic lights of planet Pandora, I was brought back to Earth when it dawned on me: Baby nurse did not have my phone number and I did not have hers! I had only been using her through an agency and that is how I had been booking her. So, in a moment of panic, I ran outside, took off my 3D glasses and called the agency for her number. I managed to get through to her no problem but lesson learned: Nothing can bring down the people of Pandora and being a mommy means I probably have to be more detail oriented.

After having graduated from the baby nurse agency, I decided I wanted to get a another babysitter that would be cheaper per hour (I didn't want to have to pay extra to the Nanny pimp). My friend, or otherwise known as my Sansei (she knows all things Baby) put an ad on the local nursing school list serve looking for babysitters. This is a brilliant idea and I recommend it to anyone looking to do the legwork themselves. I just let my Sansei do the legwork and I hired the woman she hired. In my first meeting with Sitter I thought she was nice but i didn't really connect with her. I figured, I don't need to connect with her, as long as she connects with Baby. She came a few times and I still didn't have a connection with her.  While I was trying to explain to her Baby's napping schedule, feeding schedule, and define Baby's different peeps and chirps, I realized if I do not connect with the Sitter why should I have her watch my baby. As laid back as I am in my life, I just can't be the same way in my daughters. So I let her go politely, and I feel so much better for it. 

I went back to the agency and boy am I laying down some bones for this Sitter. But, you know what, it's worth the peace of mind. Only now, I make sure she has my phone number and I have hers.


  1. You are a good mama with 3D glasses and without. Jules is worth a lot of bones.

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