Friday, April 2, 2010

Infantino Slingrider Recall

by Mama K

I received the SlingRider as a gift when my son was first born and I hated it because I thought I was going to suffocate the little guy. After using it once I bought a replacement sling and this old one just sat around collecting dust, of course I didn't keep the receipt!

Infantino has had a MAJOR recall on a few of their SlingRider Sling. They have made the return process super easy; it is outlined below with links
Click on the big PINK box that says "Click here for SlingRider Recall"
Click on USA
Click on Help me to determine my product was recalled
Once confirm click on the red CLICK HERE to return your product.
It tells you what part to cut off the Sling that has to be sent back, down at the bottom you can return that part of the sling at no cost to you and get something to replace it. As these products are running out they are giving other products as choices, the good ones are going fast!
Replacement Products:
Wrap & Tie Khaki/Modern w/Jittery Pal
You can print out a return slip toss it in an envelope and toss it in the mail, remember to keep a copy for your records of the documents you print and send back to Infantio too!
This was my first baby recall experience and fortunately they made it much easier than expected.


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