Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Pictures

Every once in a while, a person provides such excellent, high quality service, they exceed expectations and deserve one big shout out. Audrey of Audrey J. Polito Photography certainly deserves such praise for the beautiful photographs she took of our eleven month old daughter. My husband and I were looking for original, creative, and natural pictures of our baby that truly captured her personality. A friend of mine had her son's baby pictures taken at a large chain store and the result was less than impressive. In one picture her baby boy is wearing black, satin panties covering his diaper as he drapes across a blanket. Such a borderline inappropriate picture could only serve as future blackmail, rather than a cherished keepsake of her baby's first year. Needless to say, after looking through her pictures, I knew we needed something different.

Enter Audrey. Prior to our photo session, Audrey and I talked about our expectations for the photo session. She provided recommendations, such as the best time of day to shoot, and suggested things to bring, such as a favorite toy or stuffed animal. Audrey even offered wardrobe advice, which was a huge help to this fashion challenged mama! Although located on the North Shore, Audrey willingly agreed to drive almost an hour away for our photo session. She also did not flinch when I asked her to meet at 8:00, Baby C's happiest time of the day. In fact, Audrey arrived early to check out the area and find the best places to shoot. During our photo shoot, Audrey worked quickly and unobtrusively. She made us all feel comfortable, which resulted in photos that do not look staged, cheesy, or forced. As we moved around the park, Audrey amazingly managed to snap over 700 pictures in just 45 minutes, which I think must break some sort of world record. We left our photo session happy, relaxed, and excited to see the results.

Within a week's time, Audrey edited our photos and sent us a link to a slide show of 75 adorable pictures. Audrey managed to capture Baby C's most subtle expressions, which truly show her spunky, curious, and sweet personality. Each shot is unique, my husband and I cannot decide which pictures to print because we like them all so much. I wonder if our house would look strange with 75 baby pictures on the wall? I could not be happier with Audrey's work. Her professionalism and talent is something rarely found, which is why I want to give her some public praise.

If you are looking for a photographer to shoot baby portraits or take pictures of a special family event, such as a first birthday party, please contact Audrey at Audrey J. Polito Photography. You can reach Audrey via email: or become a fan of her page on Facebook, Audrey J. Polito Photography (her current profile picture features Baby C herself!). Please tell her Mama B sent you!


  1. Beautiful pictures of babies. A brilliant piece of photography demonstrated here. The baby is really cute!! Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. The baby is very cute!!! Good pictures taken of the baby.

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