Monday, July 26, 2010

Balmex Powder: Where have you gone?

At two weeks old, my son had a horrible, blistering diaper rash. NOTHING worked. I think I bought everything in the diaper rash aisle. I went to the health food store and bought Egyptian Magic, I sprinkled on some probiotics (in case it was yeast), and I raided the non-baby aisles for Maalox, Neosporin.... I could barely get his little bottom clean through all the layers of ointments. Until, I discovered the magical combination of All-Purpose Nipple Ointment and Balmex powder. This powder is a miracle. For little newborns that are always squirting something out, the powder absorbs all the moisture, yet also seems to neutralize the poop and soothes the skin. And it's cornstarch based, so it's safer to use. Within a few uses, the diaper rash was cleared up. I was ready to buy a case in case of future rash incidents, but after visiting what seemed like every Rite-Aid in a three state radius, as well as Babies R' Us, I can find none! Why is it that as soon as I find something I want to buy stock in, it disappears! And yes, I admit I'm writing this blog post so Balmex sends me a year's supply. If you find it, buy some for yourself and an extra bottle for me!