Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Toy Story

My daughter was given a Sophie the Giraffe Teether, by one of my husband's co-workers who said it was his child's favorite toy. I had seen this fancy baby toy in fancy baby stores before, and thought people who spent the $23 for a teething toy were crazy, so I was happy to receive it as a gift. Sophie sat in a box in the closet until we were under the impression that my daughter had begun teething, so we took her out of her packaging and introduced her into the mix.

She instantly became my daughter's favorite thing in the world. Now, she is only 7 months, so really whatever I stick in front of her is her "favorite" thing, but she chewed on Sophie like it was an everlasting gobstopper. She would fall asleep with one of Sophie's legs in her mouth...she gummed those ears until the color faded. She kept her busy...and quiet...we loved her.

While I was unpacking last weekend after returning to Boston from a family vacation, I asked my husband, "have you seen Sophie?" Last we remembered seeing her was as we were rushing out the door to leave Friday evening, and I quickly grabbed her to give to my daughter for the ride down.

I tore through our luggage (which as you know is a lot when traveling with a baby), and she was no where to be found. I called my parents, and they couldn't find her at their place. They called the clubhouse where we ate Friday night...nothing. I flipped couch cushions, tore apart the car, undid the pack n play again...nothing. She was officially missing.

And it was me who shed a tear. Instantly I thought of Sophie alive, having fallen out of the car somewhere along the way, hobbling with a limp down the side of the highway trying to make her way back to us. Yes, I had just seen Toy Story 3 (and could quote you every line to 1 & 2). Yes, I cried for the last 20 minutes (ok sobbed) of the magical movie that it was. And yes, I do secretly believe that all the toys do come to life when we aren't looking (Sophie & Alby the Dragon definitely had a thing going...he is currently crying it out in the bottom of toy chest). I know, I am a little bit crazy (little?) but I was the heartbroken one when Sophie disappeared. My daughter has no clue that her little chew toy is gone - she has since moved on to Jaques the Peacock...not really a chew toy, but hell she doesn't care!

I found myself looking for her in the car repeatedly, hoping that she would somehow appear like Woody and Buzz did next to Andy in the backseat, but alas, she is gone. And has since been replaced by Sophie 2. Unfortunately for Alby, Sophie 2 has struck up a relationship with Burberry Bear....

No I did not cave and spend $23 on a chew toy...that is what Grandma's are for.


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has a soft spot for stuffed things and toys. Toy Story apparently had more effect on all of us than we would've thought!

  2. Oh my heavens........ I went thru this with my 6 month old daughter. Running out in the middle of a rain storm to dig thru the car to see if I could find Sophie, thankfully I did, but I feel ya.

    PS - You can let Gramma know Sophie is only $15 on Amazon :)