Monday, August 23, 2010

CPR will save your child's life!!

I took the infant CPR class at Isis before baby M was born, and thankfully haven't needed to use anything I learned in that class yet. But would I even remember it if I had to use it?? A friend of mine found this post on the Isis Blog, written by Teresa, my former teacher for a class there, and it horrified me. I will definitely be taking the Children's CPR class to that I can not only brush up on my skills, but learn different techniques for children 1 years old and over.

Please read this, and please please please take a Child CPR class!!


  1. god thinking! i am taking the infant CPR through isis in december! :)

  2. I have had to stay up-to-date on my CPR certification due to nannying, but always wonder if I'd remember it in a crisis. Then, when A got burned by hot liquid, sure enough my instincts/training kicked in and I knew just what to do. Hopefully I would remember things like infant CPR/First Aid also! Definitely worth a refresher course!


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