Friday, August 27, 2010

I Heart My UppaBaby Vista Stroller!!

Uppa Baby Vista '09 with Rumble Seat
Like all new moms, I struggled over the decision last year of what stroller to register for. Do I go for the most popular (Bugaboo)? Do I spend a small fortune (Orbit)? Do I go practical (Snap n Go)? Do I want versatility (can baby face front and back? Is the carseat adaptable?)? Do I want the stroller to grow with my baby (Rumble seat capability)? Do I want easy to fold (do I have to remove the carseat adapter or seat attachment)? Light weight? Jogger? Coolest looking? Best color choice? Will the handle extend so my freakishly tall husband won't have to hunch over to push it? My mind was blown.

And then I saw an episode of Martha Stewart that was all about the hottest Mama products. Featured on that episode was the new "it" stroller, the UppaBaby Vista '09. It had Martha's approval so I was definitely interested.

After doing some research, I discovered that it was actually manufactured in Rockland, MA, which meant it was made locally and for some reason that made me feel really good. I watched every instructional video that I could find online, read reviews, did research, and was still interested.

I then went to Magic Beans and "test drove" the '09 model. It was smooth ride indeed. I was given a very helpful demostration by an employee who showed me how to attach my Graco carseat, how to flip the seat around so baby can face both ways, the extended sunshade, the gigantic storage space below, and he finished with a quick flick of the wrist to fold it all up into one neat little package.

Does that come in green? SOLD!!

Baby M all Gansta in her Vista
And I have to say I couldn't be happier with my choice. I have used my Vista every day of my babies life. We take it on long walks every morning. I have flown all over the country with it in tow. She easily takes naps in it when need be. I wish they made one in adult size and I would ride around in one all day. Here are some reasons I really love it:

- I can go grocery shopping w/o pushing a cart around. I put all my groceries in the bottom of the stroller, and have plenty of room for a ton of things. I am talking like 5 giant shopping bags worth plus a diaper bag kind of space

- The extended sunshade has been our best friend this summer. Baby M can remain out of the sun for the entire walk with this feature

- Like I mentioned before, it has an extended handlebar, which I actually use as well in the extended position as it feels better on my back (not sure there is any science to this but it is just my opinion)

- You don't have to take the carseat adapter off the base of the stroller to fold it up, nor do you have to remove the seat.

- When baby #2 comes, we have the option of the rumble seat. See the photo above.

I just can't recommend it enough to new moms. If you are looking for a versatile, cool looking, smooth-riding, fancy pants (but not the fanciest pants) stroller, look no further. Register for an Uppa Baby Vista!! I like to say it is the Lexus RX of cars - luxurious, but not flashy.


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