Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shut it Gisele

This morning I saw many articles about a statement that model Gisele Bundchen made saying that there should be a worldwide law put into effect making every mother breastfeed her baby until the age of 6 months. (To see the entire article, click here)

I don't even know where to begin to discuss this ridiculousness. First off, I wasn't aware there was a committee that enforced "worldwide laws." Does a representative from each country meet each year in a secret cave under an active volcano and discuss worldwide law enforcement? Does this mean that the puppet movie Team America: World Police is actual a documentary? And secondly, why is anything this dumb stick says newsworthy? I have it on good authority that her "natural birth" was not so natural after all. She gave birth just 6 days after I did in the same hospital, and I know people that know nurses who were there with her and it turns out she ended up having a c-section after all. So there!! Where was I going with this??

As you all know from my many posts about it, I pumped and bottle fed my daughter for 15 weeks of her life. For the first 8 weeks of her life I tried relentlessly to breastfeed her, with help from professionals, with no luck. I do wish it would have worked, because in some ways it would have made my life easier (pumping sucks big time), but I am happy that I stuck it out for the 15 weeks that I did. I struggled with the decision to stop, but after much back and forth, I decided I wanted my life back, and we turned to formula. I think I felt guilty about it for about 30 seconds, and then I was over it.

It was a seamless transition to the formula, for all of us, and our lives were in no way changed. My daughter has been healthy pretty much from day one, and gaining weight like every other breastfed baby out there. I no longer felt guilty for having a glass or wine, I could now eat whatever I wanted, my boobs were my own again and I was not a slave to my daughter's schedule...or the pump for that matter. It does stink that she no longer eats for free at Boober King though as we now dole out about $100 a month for special formula that helps with her reflux.

So why does this model chick now think that I should feel guilty about my choice to give my baby formula? Who is she to say what others should be doing with their babies? I know plenty of mothers that have formula fed their babies from basically day one, and their babies are healthy and strong and growing just fine.

She asks "are you going to give your child chemical food, when they are so little?" Yes Gisele, I give her a detergent chaser after each meal. While I know formula is not an equal match for breastmilk by any means, it has become extremely close in the past few years. And sometimes people don't have a choice but to give their babies formula woman! I have a friend that couldn't breastfeed her baby due to medication she had to take to remain healthy. No way should someone like that feel guilty.

I guess my main problem with this chick is that she thinks she knows what is best for everyone. Yes it worked for her, and that is great, but don't impose your opinions on everyone else. You should not make any mother feel guilty about making the choice not to breastfeed. You have not been in their shoes, you don't know why they chose to do what they did.

What are your thoughts on the issue?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Her comments are irresponsible. I tried desperately to breast feed and it didn't work out, after i experienced mastitis. Her asinine comments should never be published. She irritates me. Tom should have stuck with Bridget.

  2. Totally agree with Kerry. Giselle's been spouting off crap about motherhood since before she even got pregnant. She's an idiot. As for the breastfeeding comment---w/ my 1st, I couldn't breastfeed for several reasons (wasn't producing enough for the amount he was requiring, he had low blood/sugar levels & needed a formula supplement & he just never took to it.) With my 2nd, he breastfed for about 6 wks then got too big & too used to the bottle, but I'm still pumping a few times/day. Point is, every mother is different, but so is every child! I hope her 2nd baby won't breastfeed so she realizes she needs to watch what she says.

  3. I f'n hate Gieslle. I have not read this article yet...but I did read her article a few months ago and I was horrified. I usually think that reading about celebrities as moms makes them feel more real, more human. When I read about her, I thought...you are a man stealer and not a friend to womankind. I don't know any mom who talks about child birth and post delivery with such breathless ease as she did. It's gross. There is no such thing as what is good for one baby or one mother is good for all.

  4. The thing that kills me is that I have it on good authority that she didn't have a home natural birth like she keep saying!! I know someone that gave birth the same day at the same hospital too - she was there damn it. Getting a c-section!! Just admit it! You are human, not superhuman like you think you are.

    And is she telling me that she doesn't eat anything with chemical in it? Like her baby isn't getting chemicals from what she is eating...come on you dumb twat.

  5. And PS. I don't think you are that pretty. But you body is insane. I would take it in a second :)

  6. Agree with all the gals here - Moms of the world need to be on each others side, support and learn from one another and realize there are so many ways to be a good mother. Being a mom is hard enough, keep the judgements to yourself Gisele!

  7. Plain and simple - Gisele is a doucher. I breastfed for 14 months and was so thankful I could...but she has no right to comment on what she thinks is 'right' for anyone.

  8. Everything about this article is outrageous! What does she have to gain by going on and on about how perfect her life is? We already all thought that...
    But now I actually think she is just a phony. A phony who probably dieted while pregnant, stole a pregnant womans boyfriend and I hope she runs away to her farm in seclusion soon, for a long time to come.

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