Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Heart My NoseFrida

If only they made one of these for adults!!!

This is exactly how it works! Don't be scared!
What is the NoseFrida you ask? Well, it is literally a snot sucker. It is a plastic device with a pointed end that you place at the opening of baby's nostril, attached to a tube that you put in your mouth and suck on. And I wish I invented it.

I was skeptical when my sister-in-law gave me one of these and said it was the greatest invention for kids ever, but I was also pretty excited to use it. I am one of those people that gets a sick satisfaction at sitting in front of the mirror and picking at zits.  Don't judge...I know you do to!

Cut to Baby M having a cold these past few days and waking up with green snot running from her nose. I quickly got out the NoseFrida and started sucking. And I was amazed at what I was able to get out of her nose! She was fine for the next few hours after our initial sucking, and I only had to do it once again that day. The next morning it was harder to get things out, but I could tell that she was having trouble breathing out her nose. I squirted a puff of Saline up each nostril and waited a minute and then sucked out some fabulous green boogies again.

I am embarrassed to say I actually tried it on myself, as I am suffering from a cold along with Baby M. Of course, my husband walked in the room while I was doing it and was horrified. And no, it did not work.

I highly recommend everyone running out and getting one of these suckers. They are sold at most Whole Foods, and some Babies R Us. They are worth every penny, and not as intrusive as the nasal bulbs you get at the hospital.

Suck It NoseFrida!!


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