Saturday, September 11, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Everything

Why is it that babies, like dogs, want to put everything in their mouths? Since she could first use her hands to grasp things, my daughter has been putting things in her mouth. You name it, she has attempted, or succeeded in putting it in her mouth. The dogs leash. Any strap on anything. A Pen. A pillow. Any book you try to read to her (see video). My keyboard. My iPhone. My bra strap (see aforementioned strap comment). My nose. The dogs nose. My foot. Her foot. The dogs foot. The steering wheel on a golf cart. The handlebar of her stroller.

Any new toy - forget what it is supposed to do - it goes into her mouth.

I get her dressed, she tries to put her shirt or pants (while on her) in her mouth.

I put her in her stroller, or carseat, and the first thing she does is put a strap in her mouth or lean to the side and try to chew on part of the actual seat.

It has happened on occasion that she has gotten things that she could choke on in her mouth too (always when I look away for a few seconds of course). Once she manged to get a hang tag (I was unaware was) still on a stuffed animal off of the actual plastic tag thing and into her mouth. Next thing I know she smiles and there is a giant cardboard heart tag in her mouth. And yesterday she managed to tear a piece of cellophane from a bag, containing a scone from Whole Foods, and chew on that unbeknown to me - I put it down on the table for all of 5 seconds, and next thing I know it is in her mouth. Cut to panicking Mama about to call 911 with visions of a suffocating child. Thankfully it was on the edge of her lips and I could pull it out easily. But that was a lesson learned: Do not put anything, no matter what it be, within the reach of my daughter because she will open her mouth and put it in there.

Like a lot of babies, she goes for the tags on toys instead of the actual toy itself. So, I bought her one of those Taggie the Elephants that are covered in tags. She wants nothing to do with it. I just bought her a VTech toy that spins around and plays music...I put it in front of her in her high chair (mind you it is not a small toy) she leans over and puts her mouth on it instead of touching it with her hands. I swear my daughter might be part dog.

But the funny thing about this is that she can't get most food in her mouth! We are lucky if she gets 10% of what we give her to pick up with her fingers into her mouth. But if it is inedible, right into her mouth. When does this stop??

Anyone else going through this with their baby?

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