Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Five Things I'm Really Liking

Every once in a while, I find myself being overly happy about some stupid mom-related product. Here's my list today...and I realize that the majority of these items identify me as totally pathetic, but oh we know, motherhood is glamorous.

1. Chobani Champions: I'm tired of my older son stealing all my yogurts. These come in a container just like the "adult" version, but slightly smaller. And the chocolate version can pretty much be dessert. I've tricked him into thinking it's ice cream.

2. Happy Bellies Rice Cereal: I started my youngest on rice cereal this week. I think rice cereal is stupid and has no point - no calories, no nutrition except some added iron, etc. - but I feel like my kid has to learn how to swallow before I start the "fancy" stuff (e.g., avocado - hah). But Happy Bellies Rice Cereal has DHA and probiotics, so there is some benefit and at least I feel it has a point.

3. Libman Freedom Mop: I told you, this is pathetic. I was tired of my steam mop breaking all the time, but I liked it, because I didn't have to use any chemicals. The Libman mop works just like a steam mop (i.e., reusable pads, trigger that squirts liquid), without the steam. I can fill it up with any liquid cleaner I choose (usually just warm water and vinegar in my case) and rid the floor of the pudding, popsicle, pickle juice, cereal milk, and spit-up solution that is constantly underfoot (yes, this was the state of my floor before 10 am today).

4. Zutano Fleece Booties: In the interest of full disclosure, I don't have these yet. But my youngest's Ugg booties have been, well, Ugg. They don't stay on, so my kid ends up sucking on them. I figure, he already has Sophie the Giraffe, a glorified dog toy, he doesn't need to be sucking on some rawhide like substance too. A number of my mom friends swear by these, so they're already ordered.

5. Nuk Genius Pacifiers: They get points deducted for having the stupidest name ever, however, as much as I hate to admit it (especially for twice the price), they're actually a lot better than the "old" version. They're lightweight and more ergonomic, so they're easier for babies to keep in their mouth. I'm assuming since my youngest is using them, he'll be Harvard material (my youngest used the "original" so I guess he's state-college bound).

What things...however pathetic...are you really loving these days?


  1. I am loving Boogie Wipes. M seems to have a runny nose a lot lately and these are not as harsh as tissues. Plus they smell nice.

    I have just started buying her shoes, so I am loving these boots that we got at Costco for her which look just like the ones at Stride Rite but half the cost, and these Mary Janes we got at Target for $12!

    I just beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Wii, so I loved that, but sad that I am done with it. HA! Gotta love hubby being away for work and having some alone time. Well, I actually hate him being away, but I like the alone time!

    Oh! We just got an umbrella stroller that I heart (post to come)- Uppa Baby G-Luxe. So light, so cute, so comfortable - it reclines. Love it!

  2. The dollar section at Target! Recently, I've picked up some cute Sesame Street themed "big girl" cups, forks and spoons, an elmo stamp, and an endless supply of seasonally themed stickers and coloring books that I keep refilling my purse with for car rides, meals in restaurants, waiting rooms, etc...

  3. Mama J, where did you get your G Luxe? I have been "patiently" waiting forever for one and the ship date keeps getting pushed back.

  4. I happen to be at Isis they day before they got a big shipment in and they called the next morning and said they had 2 at the Needham store and 4 at the Boston store. I ordered it immediately over the phone and drove right to Needham to pick it up!! Call them ASAP to see if they have anymore. That or Magic Beans can get them too. That is if you are in Boston :)

  5. Your fellow Mama E in VT10/8/10, 1:29 PM

    Ooo - I'm liking the sound of the Libman mop! And I'm going to look for the Happy Bellies Rice Cereal today. We are about to start solid foods too. Thanks, E!

  6. I second Boogie Wipes! When your kid has an endlessly runny nose these are so much more gentile at wiping up snot than a wash cloth or tissue.

    The two things that made my transition from cat lady to a new mom much easier were the purchase of an iRobot Roomba vacuum and automatic pet feeders. The litter is now always off the floor, I never have to vacuum, my son can crawl around without picking up cat hair and litter, and the four legged children are kept watered and fed, and thus less resentful. Hurrah!