Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mama Rant: Old People Are Crazy!

I just had to share this exchange I had with an elderly man at the gym this morning.

Scene One
Setting: 8:30 AM, Mama J is holding Baby M in her arms as she walks to the gym from her car. Because the nursery there is traumatizing enough for Baby M, she is without helmet. Mama J is giving her kisses on her head as they walk towards the entrance. A short, slow-moving, elderly man with glasses (of course) is exiting the gym...

Old Man: Wow you sure do love your little boy.

Mama J: Girl. She is a little girl.

Old Man: Are you sure? Looks like a little boy to me.

Mama J: I am pretty sure I know my daughter is a GIRL. See the pink socks, and pink top. Wouldn't dress my son like this.

Old Man: Well, let's just hope she doesn't turn into a boy in the future...

Mama J stops in her tracks to try and decipher what the Old Geezer meant by that comment...
Does he mean he hopes she doesn't want to have a sex change (if that does happen in the future I will love her no matter what of course)? Or is he implying that me dressing her in a blue sweater (over the aforementioned pink top that was showing) with brown fleece pants will magically change her DNA and make her a boy in the future? Or is he some sort of wizard that was threatening to put a spell on me? Or is he just a batty old man who has lost his marbles?

I think my daughter looks like a girl. Granted she is only 10 months and some babies could go either way at this age, which is why I never assume a baby is a girl or a boy. BUT it is fairly obvious at this age.

I am fairly girly, and I dress my daughter in dresses and skirts, and pink, a lot but I like her to wear blues and greens and browns a lot too. Sorry Old Man, it isn't the 40s and you don't have to dress your baby girl in pink dresses all the time.

Just had to rant...


  1. My child is 20 months, is petite, has lots of curly hair, and looks as feminie as can be, but still gets referred to as he by old men, even when wearing pink and purple flowers.

  2. Hilarious! Baby M is already such a girly girl in all her pink. You just have to laugh at old people - that will be us someday!

  3. Wow. I don't blame you for being irritated!

    Don't feel bad. Ava has rosy cheeks, long eyelashes and beautiful pouty lips, and can be wearing a bow in her hair and a pink dress, and there's always some idiot that says, "Oh, what a cute little boy."

    People are dumb.