Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Recipe for All Ages!

Baby W, my previously adventurous eater, has recently begun to show some strong preferences for certain foods (cheese, bananas, raspberries, avocado) and aversions to others (asparagus, peas, basically all green vegetables except broccoli!).  He makes his aversion clear by sweeping his tray clear with a wide arc of his right arm and a mischeivious glance at Mama.
So suddenly I am faced with the timeless question of parenthood: "how do I get vegetables into my child????!"  Luckily a friend from our first baby group, Mama H, shared a recipe that her Baby J loves. It is a delicious "muffin" that tastes like a decadent little quiche, and is packed with veggies. It could be made with low fat ricotta and a whole egg for older children and adults. It also freezes well.

Spinach-Ricotta Muffins
1 16 ounce package frozen organic spinach
1/3 cup of whole milk organic ricotta cheese
2 egg yolks
Spices: basil, oregano, garlic, and/or onion (dried or fresh)

Cook the spinach for a little under the amount of time the package says. Drain the spinach well and put in a bowl.

Add Ricotta

Add Egg Yolks

Add Spices

Mix/blend ingredients together (depending on how smooth or chunky you want it).

Lightly spray a (mini) muffin tray with Canola and spoon ingredients into the cups.

Bake @ 375 until golden and spongy, about 25 minutes



  1. Ooh, thanks for sharing! We're not at that point yet - A still eats with reckless abandon and excitement at table foods - but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

  2. This is so crazy. I was going to put up almost the exact same recipe that I got off ! Baby M loooooves these. Their recipe adds egg, mozzarella cheese and some grated parm. She cannot get enough of these muffins!!