Friday, November 19, 2010

I Heart the Grocery Store

Ever since I was little I have always loved going to the grocery store. I have vivid memories of my little self dancing down the aisles, helping my mom shop, and being oh-so-excited to bag the groceries. My mom taught me at a young age how to perfectly pack in as many groceries into those brown Acme paper bags - it was like my own personal Tetris game. And ever since then I have gotten enjoyment out of strolling down the aisles, looking at specials, picking out fruits and vegetables...I am a huge dork, I know.

Being a stay at home mom I try to get out of the house on what I call an "adventure" every day with Marlo. Most of the time this involves going to a store that sells food, be it Stop & Shop, Costco (another post to come on my dear Costco) or our favorite, Whole Foods (at Legacy Place in Dedham) - all which are within a mile from our house.

Now that Marlo is eating basically everything (2 weeks until Peanut Butter - I cannot wait!) it makes it even more exciting to shop for food. I love buying new things for her to try, and love even more to watch her face as she eats them. It is also getting me to try things I wouldn't normally buy. I am now roasting beets every week, eating persimmons, making mini-quiches, all for Miss Marlo. I bet my husband wonders why we order out so much for our dinners!

Just as of late I have started putting her in the actual store carriages so that she is up high and can have a better view as she looks around. This allows her to do her favorite thing - stare at strangers. And with the giant pink helmet on her head, they are definitely staring back. We seem to get a lot of attention, and I am not sure if it is due to the helmet, or the fact that I am constantly asking her "should we get this? or this? Do you want to try Mango this week? Should we have pork for dinner?" as if she is going to answer me back. And yes, I talk out loud to my dog as well.

She also loves to sit there and wave at people which the old people absolutely get a huge kick out of. There is so much stimulation for her little brain, especially at Whole Foods, my favorite place on earth. We spend time looking at all the fancy cheeses (oh! the fromage!), talk to the butcher in the meat section, smell the flowers, feel the fruits and veggies and Mama tries not to spend a fortune every time we are in there, but it is hard not to!

So the point of this post? Just to tell you all I love to shop for food...and eat it...and if you are bored, take your kid to the grocery store!

That is all :)


  1. You are not alone! Whole Foods is one of my favorite outings of the week with William! My favorite moment was when he reached for the leeks, shouting "na-na!! na-na!!" (which means "I want" in William-ese). That night we had caramelized leeks as a side dish with dinner. Yum!

  2. Whole Foods at Legacy Place also has the best "food court" and seating area-perfect for a lunch date with baby! There's even a little play area. I can't go there too often because I go a little insane.

  3. I am a grocery store junkie too! When I go on vaca, I like to check out the grocery stores. Oh, to be in walking distance of Whole Foods - my closest is three hours from here... Does your WF have what I like to call "cheese butts" - tiny chunks of various cheeses perfect for trying new flavors? Love them. I can't wait til my 6 month old and I can cruise the aisles and chat about what we should have for dinner!