Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Family That Plays Together, Pukes Together

As you all know, I was going out of my mind with the party planning as of last week. For 4 weeks straight I was thinking of nothing else but our Holiday/Marlo's birthday party. My parents had both flown up from Florida to help with the preparations last week, my brother came up from NYC, and as of Thursday everything was going pretty smoothly...until what I like to call "the big puke of '10" occurred.

Pukey McGee on her first birthday
Marlo was fussy around bedtime, but eventually put herself to sleep as she always does, but then at 9 PM she was screaming so I rushed into her bedroom to find her covered in vomit. Not only was she covered, but her crib was covered in this horrible smelling (thanks milk!) throw-up that seemed to have remnants of every meal she ate throughout the day. I yelled for my mom (thankfully she was there as hubby was working late as usual) and she came in to find me now covered in throw up (round two), with a screaming shaking baby in my arms.

We got ourselves cleaned up and both changed into clean clothes and the three of us laid in my bed, when rounds three and four occurred. Sheets were changed, towels were washed and Marlo was in her 5th (no joke) pair of pajamas for the night. She finally fell back to sleep around 10:30; horizontally between my husband and I in our bed. Not a good night sleep for anyone.

And that was the beginning of a second terrible stomach virus for Marlo...we thought we were in the clear when she finally stopped throwing up Friday night, but when it began again Saturday morning, we decided to pull the plug on the big fiesta that I had planned so long and hard for. And that is when my Mom got sick...and then later that day, I got sick...and then in the middle of the night, my husband got sick. We joke now that if we did go through with the party, it would have been like that horrible scene in Stand By Me where everyone throws up on each other.

For 5 straight days we battled with the throwing up, until this morning we finally saw the light. Marlo seems to be back in action with an appetite to match. Thankfully this bout with the stomach virus didn't land us in the hospital because despite not keeping anything down, she managed to stay hydrated. Thanks to lots of Pepto, Pedialyte, Ginger Ale and toast we are all finally back to normal.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for a dear friend that stopped by on Saturday to say hello! Whoops!

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  1. Yikes! We were decimated by the same stomach virus post Thanksgiving. This one was brought all the way across the country by Uncle T-bone who works in an ER. We managed to get over it with a lot of Pedialyte popsicles, Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast (BRAT!). My husband and I actually sent our daughter (she recovered faster than us) to daycare on the Monday after the holiday so that we could get some rest!

    Hope you are feeling better!