Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marlo has two mommies

No I have not left my husband for another woman...

As all you Mamas out there know, your relationship with your mother after you have children is a tricky one. You look to her for advice and help when it comes to raising your child when you are a first time mom, and that advice and support gets you through those first days/weeks/months. But then you figure things out for yourself, and get into a routine and pretty soon you know your kid better than they know themselves. You have morphed from an scared, tired, overwhelmed new Mama into someone that is actually capable to raise another human being...or so you think.

I am down in Florida at my parents house for the holidays and having an amazing time. My parents couldn't be more generous and helpful when it comes to Marlo and she adores them. But there is a thin line between being a grandmother to Marlo and a mother that i think my own mother sometimes crosses. I know she means well in every case but sometimes i just have to look at her and say "Marlo already has a mom and she knows what she is doing..."

I am constantly told that Marlo isn't eating enough, or she is eating too much. Or she isn't eating enough vegetables and fruits. Or she should take bath. Or her diaper should be changed. Or she needs a sweatshirt. Or she wants to go for a walk. Or she is sleeping too long. Or that i didn't do or did do this and that when I was her age. Or I should do this or that with her and not what I am currently doing.

It is at these times that i want to scream "I know what i am doing! Just because i don't do it the way you think is right doesn't mean it isn't the right way to do it..." Actually my mom will be reading this so i am telling her all this to her face (I love you mom!)...but i don't say it out loud because I know my mom means well and is just trying to help out. I do sometimes roll my eyes so she can see them loud and clear though.

My mother and I are very close, and very similar in many ways...a fact that scares me but also delights me the older i get. She was and is loved by all my friends since childhood, and makes a lasting impression on everyone she meets. If her acting this way towards me now makes me half the great mother she was I am happy to grin and bear it.

To be honest i couldn't ask for better grandparents for Marlo if i went to the Electric Grandparent factory and custom ordered ones myself (electric grandmother movie? Anyone?).

I hope you are all enjoying this time with your families over the holidays and remember Mamas that your mom means well...a few glasses or wine might help you to realize it.

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  1. Haha - love that last line about the wine. Ain't that the truth.

    My parents are pretty far away and we've only been able to visit once, but thankfully they were pretty good about minding their own business. I see this with a lot of other grandparents, also. And my own grandma does it. I know she means well, but it can definitely be obnoxious!