Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Beauty of "The Nap"

I've mentioned in earlier posts that S is transitioning to one nap. While my initial reaction was to fight this transition as long as I could (admittedly for entirely selfish reasons - I liked having 2 bouts of quiet time throughout the day!) I am happy to admit this one nap thing has brought me over to it's side.

While we're not on quite a consistent schedule (the nose boogers from hell have been haunting us for over 2 weeks now and occasionally wake S mid-way through when she is "supposed" to be sleeping till) we have gotten into more of a rhythm of her going down to sleep after lunch (anytime between 12:30 and 1:00pm) and sleeping for upwards of 2.5 hours. It is a very respectable nap.

But the best part - this is it in the land of "changing naps." From what I understand (or am deluding myself into thinking) this one nap thing hangs out until there are no more naps to be had (god help us all!) If I trace back the steps over the past 14 months, we went from newborn stage (sleeping whenever and forever how long she wanted with absolutely no predictability) to what I like to call the "freshie" stage - not quite newborn but still not on a schedule - where she would need to sleep every 1.5-2 hours - Kind of a productivity killer for outside the house.

Then, it was the 3 nap phase - a morning one, then 2 hours later and then a third nap - for us, this one was usually in the stroller and the one I like to credit for most of my post-partum weight loss.
Around 6/7 months, there was 2 naps. A nice long morning nap and another one in the afternoon (if we were lucky, both of these naps were 1.5 hours.) But the morning nap meant we didn't leave the house until 11am at the earliest. (Kind of made me feel like a college student all over again.)

So, little Ms. 1 nap - I'm excited to have you hang out for some time, a few years even. But if you felt like edging closer to 3 hours, that would be cool. But I'm just happy to have you here!

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