Monday, January 17, 2011

The Stink Eye

My daughter is a very happy easy going child. She is also usually very smiley, but about two weeks ago she developed what I like to call "The Stink Eye." I am not sure if she got this from me, who has a permanent dent between her eyes due to scowling so much these last 32 years, or if she just developed it on her own. Wherever she got it, I wish she would give it back, because it is all she does now.

She makes this face when she meets new people. She makes this face when she tries new food. She makes this face when I do something silly. She makes this face all day long now. It is a combination of a judging look and a "are you for real?" look.

It is actually quite funny, but I feel the need to explain that this is a new thing to everyone that is privy to being at the receiving end of this furrowed brow stare. Here are a few of my favorite instances where I was able to catch it on film:

You expect me to eat that? 

Seriously mama, get out of my face

Marlo in the middle of her twin cousins looking like a thug from the 20s
What is this all about? Why am I living with what looks like a little evil elf now?


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