Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tired Mama, It Could Be More Than Just Late Nights Wih Baby

After having my last baby, I was at the point where I was feeling tired all the time. I had chalked it up to being up with the baby and not getting much sleep. As he got older, 6 months, I would barely be able to keep my eyes open and my hair was starting to fall out faster than normal. I had asked my doctor about this and he had said this could all be from breastfeeding and my body changing from giving birth. I had to continue to fight through the overwhelming urge to sleep.

Almost a year later, baby now 1 1/2, I finally went to my family doctor and demanded some type of testing be done.

Finally, even though it was not what I wanted to hear, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. At least there was now an answer to my exhaustion and laziness!! I am finally starting to feel like my old self again and beginning to exercise and do more active things with my kids.

The point of this short story is that as new mothers, a doctor will contribute a lot of other signs to an "after pregnancy" symptom. Please be persistent. I am so glad I finally had enough and demanded some more tests. I knew I couldn't just be tired and lazy. There had to be something else. I am not at the point where my medicine is working completely, but in a few short weeks of starting hormone therapy, I am on my way to being better.

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