Monday, January 10, 2011

Twenty Bucks an Hour for Ringworm

Boston's babies are very active. There are a variety of classes and activities available to keep those under age 2 very busy. However, these classes don't come cheap. It's approximately $20/hour for a class where toddlers play with trucks and moms discuss (read: gripe about) their child's sleep issues. I should open my own Baby School in my living room and charge half that'd be a gold mine. Also, said classes are a breeding ground for germs. Ten children who all "play" with toys by licking them, in the heart of cold and flu season, is guaranteed to result in some shared illnesses. Baby has caught every single sickness introduced in these sessions: colds, tummy troubles, and the grossest one yet - ringworm (my baby has a fungus!). And Baby is still breastfed, I can't even imagine how many more illnesses we'd see if Baby wasn't getting an antibody boost. But what's the alternative? Staying inside our small, quiet apartment day after day? I love Baby (duh) but after a point, I need to talk to someone who doesn't respond in raspberries. There's still months of winter left. How do we strike a balance?

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