Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bath Time is Fun Time

My daughter is a water baby. She loves the pool, she loves the faucet in the sink, and she especially loves bath time. The heavy excited breathing begins every night when she knows it is time for a bath. Her little arms start flailing and her legs start kicking when we get near the bathroom. I think she would stay in there all day if I would let her!

Yookidoo Flow n Fill Spout
She has loved it since the day we only played with a plastic cup in there, but now that we have all sorts of proper tub toys, it is like Disney World to her. Here are a few of our favorite things in the tub:

- Yookidoo Flow n' Fill Spout: This adorable contraption recycles the tub water so that it flows from a spout that your kids can play with. There are multiple different cups for them to fill and spill, and it is easy for them to turn it on and off. Marlo seems to be obsessed with the cups and will spend most of the bath with one in each hand raising them towards the sky.

- Seaside Pour n' Play: I think we will like this more when we are a bit older, but right now Marlo just bangs these things together, which she seems to love. It comes with the best bath squirters I have seen so far though.

Foam Bath Shapes
- Foam Bath Shapes - These are big fun for all. They float, and when you get them wet they actually stick to the side of the bath. I end up spending time spelling things out for her and getting her to repeat the letters. They can be stored in the mesh bag that comes along with them that can be suction cupped to the side of the tub.

- Green Toys Tug Boat: Now, we actually don't have one of these in the bath right now, but we do use it when we do water play in our weekly Isis classes, and I have always been meaning to get one, so I wanted to give it a shout out, and our BBM approval!

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  1. FYI - The Green Toys tugs are currently on sale at Gilt.com. We have some of their other toys and they are great.