Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's times like these

I have been blessed with a very kind, well-mannered child. Now, because I just wrote that sentence, she will (as my mom says) grow horns over night and be a terror for the rest of her toddler-hood for sure. But at least I will have some great memories, like one I have from today.

M has this soft covered photo album that I have filled with photos of our family to try and keep there faces fresh in her mind. At every picture I will stop and point out who it is and try to get her to repeat the names. She has them almost all down now(well her version of their name) and can even point out my husband in a group photo and say "dada" clear as a bell. Then we come to a photo of just her and I, and like every time I say "mama" and she just flips to the next photo of my mother and her and she clearly says "beh beh" which is short for Belle. I will smile and tell her she is incredibly smart, and we clap and laugh and go through the book again, and every time she passes over my photo without a sound. Until today...

She came to my photo the first time and didn't say anything, and then as we went backwards through the photo album and came to the same photo she looked at me and said clear as day "mama" while pointing to the photo. It was then that I picked her up in my arms and gave her a squeeze as I was elated to the point of tears.

Now M is not the most affectionate child, so I take hugs where I can get them. At that same moment she put her little arms around my neck, and her head on my shoulder as I began to sing her favorite song (Leaving on a Jet Plane - don't ask :), and I heard her say "mama" again as she just rested so gently against me. It was magical and just reminded me how incredibly lucky I am to have this little miracle in my life.

I cherish every day, every moment, every second that I get to spend with her. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world.

(If this post didn't jinx me I don't know what will. Stay tuned for "my child is the devil" tomorrow...)

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