Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Girl Who Cried Boo-Boo

I was a very dramatic child. So much so that my mother actually used to call me "Bette Davis." I have seen home videos of me fake crying, throwing myself all over furniture pretending to be upset, dancing and singing with a microphone and putting on a show every chance I had. When I was older and watched those videos with amazement my mother would always say to me "you'll have one just like that one day." No way, won't happen...I fear she was right.

I am starting to see glimpses of a drama queen emerging from M. First we have "the face," which I have talked about previously on the blog. If looks could kill, everyone that crosses her path would be dead. It emerged months ago during a trip to Florida, when she was miserable from teething. It then became something she would do because people thought it was funny - and would in turn make her laugh when she saw you laugh. It has since morphed into something she can actually do on command. I say "the face" and she immediately turns this scowl on (see photo - how can you not laugh?) and then she will tilt her head up with this sheepish flirty grin on her face, and lift her shoulders to her ears as if to say "i am both the devil and a little angel!" It makes me laugh every single time.

Then there is the constant dancing and singing like I did as a child. She will dance at the first note of song - shaking her booty and waving her hands in the air. And the singing is crazy - she will just sit there and sing to herself for hours if I let her. She sings while we walk around the house, while we are in the car, while we are at the super market and it is actually pretty in tune surprisingly. She definitely has music in her soul, but I fear we have a diva in our future.

Finally, there is the boo-boo drama. A few weeks ago I had a cut on my hand so I put a Toy Story bandaid on to protect it. Ever since I called it a boo-boo and explained to her that it hurt, she has a "boo-boo" on her hand or body every 5 minutes. We will be walking around the house and she will say "boo-boo" in this whiny voice, and we cannot continue until I bend over and kiss her finger, which makes her squeal with delight. We will be in the bath tub and she will start fake crying and lift her foot and say "boo-boo" and I will kiss it and she will smile and laugh again. It is cute, unless she is in her car seat in the car and screaming "boo-boo" while I am driving...not so cute then.

I tell her to save the drama for her mama, and apparently she is listening. Deep breaths....