Thursday, April 28, 2011

No More Chocolate Milk For My Kid

M had her first taste of the sweet devil's nectar, chocolate milk, on Easter Sunday. She drank it down like nobody's business and then looked at me with this wicked smile and said "mmmmmmmm." And within seconds it was like she was on crack. Now I have given her sweets before - a taste of birthday cake, a mini-cupcake here and there, and the odd cookie - but none of them had the affect that chocolate milk had on her. It was like she was wound up as tight as possible and was going full speed ahead. She was walking faster and giggling and screaming like never before. Then she didn't want to walk...or sit...then she wanted to carry was a constant juggling act between my mom and I. See this video for evidence of the crazy laugh: meeting the easter bunny.

M's evil twin at Ikea today
At the time I thought it was just the excitement of the day, and meeting this crazy looking easter bunny, but after our trip to Ikea today I know that chocolate milk was to blame.

I thought I would treat her again today with a cup of chocolate milk during lunch, which goes so well with delicious Ikea meatballs with lingonberry sauce. I had to literally pry the sippy cup out of her hand as she was once again guzzling it down. She pointed and yelled for the rest of the milk, but I wouldn't give it to her until she ate some of her food. Three bites later (which is all she would eat) she was back guzzling the milk down in 2 seconds flat.

And then came the craziness. I put her back in her stroller and walked around and the crazy laugh started. She was cackling as we walked through the marketplace, at nothing in particular. She was kicking her feet up and down so that her stroller was bucking back and forth. She was taking her shoes off and throwing them.

The friendly child that she normally is, she was still saying "hi" to everyone that passed as usual, but this was louder and was "HI HI HI HI." My usually sweet child was replaced by this little hyper devil child, that I just wanted to remove the batteries from.

Now, some might say this is a sign of the terrible twos rearing it's ugly head, but I disagree. I know it will happen any day now for sure, but right now M is still a very low-key easy going kid, and I am very thankful for it. I totally blame chocolate milk for the madness, so for now, we are off the brown stuff and sticking to the pure white goodness of regular old milk.