Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dearest Oprah Wiiiiiiinnnnnnfffrrrreeeyyyyyy, (UPDATE AT BOTTOM)

I didn't realize how much I would actually miss you until you were gone. Such a silly thing to say about someone I have never met, and only saw on television. I just sat and watched your final show, with my 17 month old daughter drinking milk from her sippie cup seated on my lap. Normally we watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street, but I wanted her to be part of this momentous occasion, so that when she is older she can say that she actually witnessed the last Oprah Show. We had to pause you several times to take "wok" (walk) breaks as my daughter can't sit still very long, but she actually sat and stared at you in your gorgeous peach dress longer than I thought. I think she knew she was watching something special.
M watching Miss O

I am not one of your Ultimate Viewers by any means, but I do consider myself a fan. It wasn't until your final season that I actually could say I watched every episode in a season (thanks in large part to DVR :). I have seen a handful of the shows over the last 25 years, and have always thought of you as an inspiration to women every where. When asked who I would have at my imaginary dinner party, you are always on my list.

One of the shows I happen to catch years ago was about the Women for Women International group - which I immediately joined and have sponsored multiple women around the world for years now. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't known not to put my mascara wand back into the tube multiple times - something you showed us on one of your beauty shows when I was in high school. I know this is so trivial, but I seriously think about it every morning when I put on make-up (who am I kidding - every third day of the week I put on make-up!).

You have opened your viewers eyes to so many issues and shattered ignorance about so many things going on around our world today. I hate that my daughter and future children will not grow up with your show in their lives like I did. There is nothing else like you or your show out there, and because of that I am truly sad.

Yes you did get a little preachy now and then, and yes you do have this habit of repeating things your interviewees say all the time (which drives me crazy) but you have a heart and spirit like no one else I have ever come across. I can only hope that my daughter grows up with your compassion and generosity. I will do my best to be half the teacher you have been to girls everywhere.

Your final show was just perfection. Not going to lie, the anti-penultimate and penultimate shows were a bit much for me (yes I know you are friends with all these fabulous people, yada yada), but this last show was a gem. I could see the sadness in your eyes that this was the final time you were going to grace that stage (why was the chair there? :)...I wanted to jump in the screen and give you a big hug, as I am sure everyone of the millions of viewers did too.

I am not a religious person at all (I have been very religious in the past, but don't feel like I have a place for it my life now, or a need for that matter), but I loved what you were saying about the energy that surrounds us and is within us all. Something to definitely think about further...

If you asked me a year ago if I would be writing something about Oprah on my blog, I would have laughed at you (well I would never laugh at you Oprah). And here I am writing a love letter of sorts to this woman on television...but there is no one else like you, and we are lucky to have had you in all our lives for the past 25 years.

Ok, I must go clean up the kleenexes (from my ugly cry during the last 5 minutes of your show) on my living room floor before my dog tears them to shreds. You probably have your dogs trained to pick things up and throw it in the trash themselves, or have someone you pay to do those things for you...ahhhh, to be Oprah.

Thanks for the entertainment, and lots of tears,

Mama J

PS. My husband thinks now that your show is over you are going to "pull a Mariah Carey." And by that he means leave Stedman and go with someone younger...not get pregnant and name you kid something like Yemen Ann . He has his money on Usher. Prove him wrong Oprah!! Stand by your man!

PPS. So I sent this to you in an email, Oprah, and for the love of God you wrote me back! I am speechless! This just further proves how great a person you are. One little email from you made my day - my week!! Of course it could just be a form letter but to see an email from "Oprah Winfrey" in my inbox is pretty effing cool. See photo!