Saturday, May 7, 2011

For all the mothers out there

For all the (grand)mothers out there on this your special day
I write this in your honor, for all you do and say
For sleepless nights in the beginning, changing poopy diapers galore
Snotty noses, spit up and dealing with tantrums at the store
For all those loving kisses, and helping us learn to talk
Preparing meals, cleaning up and holding hands on walks
For putting up with attitude and teaching what's right and wrong,
Picking us up when we fall down, and singing so many songs
For being there when our hearts are broken, and wiping away the tears
Supporting us in all we do with loud applause and cheers
For letting us go off on our own when the time for college came
And watching us make many mistakes, and never placing blame
For being the best role models for which we could ever wish
And for answering the phone when we need to vent or dish
One can only hope to grow up and be like you in every way
With all our love we wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

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