Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mama J's Summer Must-Haves

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! It's really feeling like summer here in Boston now with this beautiful warm weather. We spent about 90% of the weekend outside on the deck and in the yard, so I wanted to share with you some of my "must-haves" for summer. Enjoy!
M with her Chucky smile in full affect

1. Step 2 Water/Sand table: So we technically use this as a double water table, as I refuse to set up a stray cat litter box in my back yard. Got it at Costco for $40, and it was the best $40 I have spent there! We have practically spent ever waking moment we can outside standing next to this thing...of course your kid will get soaked, but what kid doesn't love getting all wet!

2. Inflatable Baby Pool: I purchased a giant one of these off Amazon in December and filled it with plastic balls. It has stood as a placeholder for the dining room table I have yet to buy for the last 6 months, and has provided hours of entertainment for M, my husband and I, and any other human (big and small) that has walked through our doors. It is now free of the plastic balls (but still holds the beach balls) and filled with a few inches of water...and it is providing even more good times for children and adults alike. I grew up with a pool, and can't imagine summers without one - this one just happens to be inflatable.
M & E in the pool. Notice M pouring water down her swim diaper

3. iPlay Ultimate Swim Diaper and Swimwear: When M was really little I purchased those "little swimmers" diapers for her to wear in the pool. They are expensive, and you go through them like crazy, as babes can't sit in them after they is out of the pool. I then discovered the iPlay Ultimate Swim Diaper and haven't looked back since. It looks just like bikini bottoms (or banana hammocks if you will for the lads), and is super absorbent, and you don't have to wear the disposable diapers underneath. I have two so I can swap them back and forth if she is going in and out of the pool. They dry super quick out in the sun, and are machine washable. We have yet to have a poop incident in them, so I can't report on how they work in a #2 sitch, but I love them! Plus most of them come with really cute matching sun protection tops.

4. Arbonne Baby Sunscreen: I have crazy sensitive skin (hives, rashes, red cheeks...and that is all before 9 AM - yuck yuck) so I am used to having to try 10 products before I find a brand that won't leave me itchy or burning. Unfortunately for her, M has inherited my sensitive fair skin and not the dark mocha silkiness that her father has, so it took us a few tries to find a sunscreen that worked and also didn't give her red splotchiness all over her body. Enter Arbonne Baby Sunscreen - it gives you great protection, it isn't thick (you don't stay white after applying), it is practically fragrance free, and is one of those good for you products without all the crap most other sunscreens have in them (how is that for science talk).

5. Foogo Sippy Cup: I am currently in the process of doing a big experiment with every brand of sippy cup I can find (stay tuned to a long and involved post entitled "The Great Sippy Cup Experiment of oh-11") and I have so much to say about them I don't even know where to start (to sum up my findings - most are crapola). But one I wanted to tell you about as soon as possible is the Foogo insulated sippy. If you need to travel with milk, and it is hot outside, you need one of these. It seriously keeps the milk cold for 4 hours...like crazy cold too. This is our go-to sippy right now...get one.

6. Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket: It is picnic time, and if you are camping out on the grass a bunch and want your babes, and yourself, to be comfortable you have to get one of these. We got the Tuffo brand off Amazon.com and love it so much. Folds up easily into the nice little carrying apparatus.

7. A Paloma: What is a Paloma you ask? Well it certainly isn't for your kids, Mamas. It is a delicious cocktail that I wish my dear friend Miss Hall never introduced me to, because it was love at first site and I am a little obsessed. It is like my stoli & raz of '11. I want to bottle it up and make millions (wait, maybe I will do that, so forget I said it) like Bethenney. It is simply freshly squeeze grapefruit juice and tequila (don't skimp on the tequila as you are basically drinking it straight - my favorites [and I have tried many in the last month] are Patron Silver or Cabo Wabo silver)...and it is heaven. And yes, I am drinking one right now as I write this. Ahhh I love summer!!


  1. Is it sad that I like the drink the best? =)

  2. Patrons is not the best.. just more well known.

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