Thursday, May 19, 2011

To the guy who gave me the finger on Memorial Drive yesterday

I waved back because I actually thought you were waving at me – not flipping me off. I thought you were thanking me because I slowed down to let you into the lane. Yes, you had the right of way, but what you didn’t know is that I am learning how to drive all over again. I am not an aggressive driver, never have been, but I have been used to a slightly different engine in my husband’s sportier car that we sold to get the new station wagon that fits our four month old Little S’s eight million miscellaneous, yet utterly necessary, contraptions. The pick-up in the station wagon is – how shall I say it – a bit more conservative, safer, more mama-like. So, I wasn’t trying to cut you off. I was just learning to drive a new car with a mama-engine and my focus was making it to daycare before the clock hit 5 PM, and the dollar per minute counter started.

If I see you again, I will still wave back because until that moment, it was the most relaxed I had been all week. I had just come from the dentist – usually my least favorite venue because I have my Mama’s teeth and let’s just say, not many of those are in their original format. However, this time, the office was like heaven. For just 30 minutes, I got to sit back and close my eyes and know there was nowhere else I could be, while someone picked at my gums and I just breathed. I wasn’t working, mama-ing, wife-ing or even dreaming – I was just breathing. I love my family, my darn-near perfect husband (Papa K) and my amazingly talented and beautiful Little S. But, we battle her dreadful (silent) reflux and our new chaos daily. In fact, I was disappointed when I was told that I had no cavities and I had to get out of the chair.

So, Mr. Memorial Drive, I assume you were not having as good of a day as I was. And, I am sure that when you pulled up to daycare and your amazing, overtired Little S with the large red bags under eyes (because the reflux was brutal on sleep this week) saw you, she didn’t give you the biggest and greatest smile in the whole world that made only getting one hour of sleep last night totally worth it. Perhaps, your little girl flipped you off instead.

Have fun in your sports car. I love my new station wagon and all that comes with it.

Sincerely, Mama K

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  1. Love it - I am taking a note from you and composing a post about driving and kindness now :)