Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's been a hectic summer and S. is growing by leaps and bounds - 21 months this week.
I'm looking forward to her developing more words, though she can definitely get her point across with the ones she has and her movements, sounds, etc.

One thing that is not lacking is her sense of spirit and verve. S is one of the most animated and outgoing toddlers I know. She often will run up to people she has just met and give them a hug or a kiss - it's awesome! There is very little reservation or shyness and we definitely haven't mastered the concept of "inside voice." The verve has been commented on by many others, including multiple Dr's when we had an unfortunate visit to Children's earlier in the spring. I believe their exact words were, "Wow, she has a lot of verve. Good luck when she's a teenager."

At Whole Foods the other day, she decided to demonstrate her rather high pitched "squeal" of excitement followed by the giggles. Multiple times in a row. I was partially horrified and partially entertained. My first reaction (after a poor woman who was standing a close range leapt backwards) was "Oh no...I have one of THOSE kids..." and then, my next thought (while trying to stifle my laughter so as not to encourage it) was "Chances are, anyone thinking I have one of THOSE kids has never had kids or it's been too long ago to remember."

She's 21 months - I mean, realistically, what can I expect? We definitely have our issues that are not up for discussion and are rectified sternly and immediately (i.e. running away from Mommy & Daddy towards the road, touching the stove, etc.) but really - is making some loud squeals in Whole Foods worth dealing with a tantrum? We know that she's not the quiet, docile kid who could sit happily in a quiet restaurant. So we don't even try - it would be rude to other people trying to enjoy their dinner.

We were out in Concord enjoying lunch outside in some open air (non-restaurant) seating today after a canoe ride and S had no interest in sitting. Her and her little friend F. ran around us, playing and would swing in for an occasional bite of food. On the benches a little down the way with us was this little girl, probably 2 or 3 years old, quietly holding and eating her ice cream cone with her family. I looked at her and wondered, "Will S ever do that? Is it me? Is it her personality? and how much do I care if she does ever do it?"

I think I'd rather have my child, who is full of life and laughter, than try to turn her into someone she clearly isn't meant to be. But in the back of my head, all I hear is "Oh, she's one of THOSE kind of moms/kids."

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