Monday, August 8, 2011

Cheap Thrills

Wanted to share with you all my very cheap go-to entertainment ideas!

Fun with stickers in the
 back seat
1. Stickers: We are obsessed with stickers as of late. I carry some in my diaper bag everywhere we go in order to stave off a melt down. I keep some in my car so I can throw them to M in the back seat when she starts to get bored. They are also great entertainment when we go out to eat.

2. Bubbles: Always a good time. Our favorite bubble solution is Gymboree. It makes 100 times more bubbles, and they last much longer too. But don't use it in your house as it will ruin your floor.

3. Balloons: M is a sucker for a balloon. For $.50 at the grocery store, or a party store, you can entertain your child for hours on end. We had one tied to M's wrist for an entire day last week, but sadly lost it to the high ceilings of Costco. Surprisingly she was not upset about the loss of said balloon as I explained to her that it actually lived at Costco and played with the giant stuffed bear at night. Thankfully she forgot that as soon as I told her and we haven't looked for the balloon during subsequent visits.

4. Notepad & Crayons: I now also keep a little flip notepad (like the ones reporters carry in old timey movies) and a couple of crayons in ziploc, in my diaper bag at all times. It also keeps M quiet during meals out and doctor's visits as she loves to draw, especially with a yellow crayon, as we are still obsessed with all things yellow!

What are your cheap entertainment ideas?

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  1. Playing cards! My toddler loves to spread them out and put them in things and take the out to look at them and put them back etc etc etc. Just be warned you'll be finding them under the furniture for weeks...