Saturday, September 3, 2011

Childcare Quest

I've started to think of finding the right daycare like finding the right mate.  You don't want to settle, you could compromise on small things, but you know when you definitely have the wrong one.
As a teacher, I obviously head back to school every September, working only part-time over the summer.  We had an almost perfect situation figured out last year, where Sam went to a stay-at-home mom, who had a son three weeks younger.  They grew together, she was gentle, sweet, caring, and it was perfect when he was there 4 days a week.  When we needed him there 5 days a week we realized it was almost impossible financially.  So the search began.
In June, we made a decision, a bilingual home daycare, near my husband's office, diverse children, etc.  The night before I had to start transitioning him, I was in tears, which I rarely am.  After I spent time there with him the next day, I knew it wasn't the right place.  So now we had two weeks to figure this out.  We placed nanny share ads, checked home daycares across Cambridge, Arlington, Somerville, and Medford, and met with more caregivers than I can remember, and considered situations that had him in different locations 3 days a week, driving nannies and children all over neighboring towns.
Sam must have been one confused kid.  We're slowly transitioning him to a place we found, that is good, but not perfect.  I don't want to cry when I leave him there (not usually anyway).  Sam seems happy, very tired, but happy when we pick him up.  Once he learns to nap there, I think we will be okay.

Going through this process I figured could write a personal ad:
Seeking childcare.  Kind, compassionate, sweet, older and experienced.  Like social interactions, enjoy strolls, parks and the outdoors, and walks on the beach.  Need to be local, established, open-minded, and reliable, entertaining, and health conscious.

I see ads and talk to people and wonder if there is something better?  Is there perfect?

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