Friday, September 9, 2011

The Chronic-What?-cles of Ikea

Please tell me you all get the reference to the brilliant SNL Digital Short Lazy Sunday? If not, click and watch immediately. 

So yesterday was the third day in a row of heavy downpours in the Boston area. I was desperate to get out of the house, so I strapped M into our ark and we paddled down route 24 to Ikea. The parking lot was jammed already at 11, which was surprising as kids are back in school and it is usually pretty calm during the week. Apparently every other stay at home mom and nanny in Souther New England had the same idea...

The kiddie area at the cafeteria was packed with toddlers, whose mothers sat around at the outer counters. There was one of those mother-types that I can't stand that barks at her kids every second she can "William, eat your food. William, I better see a meatball in your mouth right now. William, I told you to eat. William use your fork. Jennifer, tell your brother to eat. Jennifer, hands to yourself. Jennifer, I said hands to yourself. Jennifer are you listening to me? Jennifer! William!"

AHHHHH!!! I wanted to scream at her "WOMAN get off your ass and go over to your kids instead of yelling all the way across the room at them. It is obvious to everyone around you it isn't working. Oh and SHUT UP."

Anyhoo - we then went and explored the children's area of the showroom. Now I have been to Ikea 100 times since it has opened, but this was the first time that M actually took advantage of the experience. She was running from bed to bed, and I would put her on them and she would say "So comfy. Night Night Mama." And then she would go in all the little room set ups, "so cute Mama! So pretty!"

She has also recently started showing a big interest in any kid that she comes in contact with. She says hi to them, and just stares, and wants to do whatever they are doing. Since there were so many kids there she was getting a huge kick out of just watching them run around, sliding down this toy slide that was set up, sitting at the kiddie tables with them. It was the best time she has had in a while.

Then of course our great trip ended in a meltdown where I had to abandon a cart full of goodies and run for the exit. It wasn't a tantrum, as she just started crying and was burrowing her face in my shoulder and hugging me. I have no idea if something spooked her, or if she was just exhausted, or not happy with the glasses and dishes I was about to purchase, but she did not want any part of being there.

So we didn't get to experience the actual play area, but we did have meatballs for lunch, so my day was made! Next time you are looking for something fun to do with the kids indoors, head to Ikea for some Guud Times.

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