Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pinterest...Your Path to Being a Better Mother...Hah!

You know those mothers that are always doing cute craft projects with items they'd otherwise throw away? And those mothers that are making cute, seasonal treats with their children? Or teaching them the basics of science in a creative way? Or have darling, styled children's rooms? I usually hate those mothers. But now I can be one! You can to!

Sign-up for Pinterest. It's a site that lets you pin things you find online or by searching the site. Then, they're stored in folders that you name. It's a virtual bulletin board/file system. You'll never go searching for that idea again. They've got organizational tips, recipes, decorating ideas. Everything. Seriously everything.

Of course, after you've spent 3 hours on Pinterest while you ignore your children, the mother of the year award will be debatable. But heck, you'll have best Halloween decor on the block!

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