Monday, November 7, 2011

A little girl brings a lot of joy

Last week my grandfather (father's father) passed away, after a very long and happy life (at least I assume it was happy - although he didn't smile very much now that I think about it...anyhoo) My father immediately booked hubby, M and I on a flight from Boston out to Ohio to be with family for the weekend. We were more than happy to go, as my grandmother, Nana, had yet to actually meet M, and we knew this would bring her a lot of joy during this sad time.

Cut to the night before and M is terribly sick with a head cold, and I am following her around the house with the Nose Frida, sucking out some awesome green boogies. My motherly instinct kicked in immediately and I knew the last place she should be is on a plane right now (well maybe the last place would have been naked outside in the cold, being splashed by a bucket of water, I digress.)

I called my parents, who were already with Nana and told them the situation and my mother said, "you are her mother, so it is your decision...but here talk to Nana." Oh great! Nana then went on to tell me that when she found out M was coming to see her she was happier than she had been in a long time, and couldn't wait to meet her, but understood if we couldn't make it, but would really love to see her in person. Ok, I got the point. We had to go.

Do you like my ensemble?
Not that we didn't want to go, as I love being with my family, and don't get to see them often enough at all, but I knew I wasn't doing the right thing by bringing my very sick child on a plane, out of our comfort zone, around old people, in a hotel, yada yada yada.

So we did what we had to do, and packed our carry ons full of Boogie wipes, nose spray, benedryl, juice, and of course the Frida. I don't think the people behind us knew what was going on as I constantly leaned over and stuck the Frida tube up M's nose to try to get her more comfortable.

Long story short, she was fine (not great) on the plane, and we arrived in Ohio.

Like with all strangers, it took M a little bit to warm up to Nana, but before long she was holding on to her hand and walking around her apartment. What should have been a somber weekend actually turned out to be an enjoyable family reunion of sorts. M brought so much joy to Nana, during such a sad time in her life, the entire trip was worth just that. She even brought joy to everyone that lives with Nana at the old folks home.

M, the girl who hates barettes, headbands and hats - all cranial accessories for that matter - actually kept on this little straw hat, that Nana had on a doll, and wore it to our 4:30 dinner in the dining room. She was a huge hit with all of the residents. Her ensemble was complete with a matching straw purse, which Nana gave to her and she now totes around the house with her from room to room.

Like daughter like mother - this girl loves her accessories now!

Even though it was probably the worst thing for M's health to travel, I am so happy that we were able to bring some joy to people during an otherwise sad time. And that is just one of the million things kids are good for!

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  1. Hey Mama J...we would love an update on your fertility left us hanging! Wishing you lots of luck! I'll be starting IVF again in 2012 and like to read about others sharing the same journey.