Monday, November 21, 2011

A Very Happy Birthday at My Gym

Yesterday I celebrated M's second birthday (which isn't for another two weeks really) along with her 8 Isis buddies and their families. These are the women that I have talked about many times on here, with whom I took my first mommy and me class at Isis almost 2 years ago. We have watched our kids go from drooling lumps of baby goodness to these amazing active little people, each with their own awesome personalities.

Instead of attending 9 different birthday parties within 6 weeks of each other, and celebrating each child individually, we wanted to do one big bash and celebrate all together. Since all of our kids need to run and climb every minute of the day, we decided to try out My Gym Boston.

Having never been to a My Gym party before we booked I didn't know what to expect. I happen to be invited to one a few weeks ago for a friend of M's who turned 3, so I got a sneak preview at the Norwell location. There are things to climb, and slides, and all sorts of fun things, and then the instructors actually lead a little mini-class full of songs and parachute activities. I thought it would be the perfect thing for my Isis group...

And boy was I right! Last night's party was a huge success, and I cannot say enough good things about  My Gym Boston. The instructors were amazing (I am sorry I don't remember your names!) - much better than the ones in Norwell. They remembered each of our 9 kid's names the entire night, were incredibly good with the kids, and made sure a few times that everything was being done to our liking.

The Boston location is about 3 times the size as the Norwell one too (these are the only two I have been to). The kids were constantly entertained and running around with giant smiles on their faces.

The parents were happy too, as we were allowed to bring in drinks (including booze) and food of our own to enjoy in the eating area (not on the gym floor). With our package that we purchased we got pizza for the kids (with plenty left for the adults), juices and water, as well as a delicious cake. They provided all of the paper goods, as well as gave each of the kids a balloon at the end of the night.

There is nothing like having a party where you aren't responsible for entertaining the kids, or cleaning up at the end of the night! And the adults as well as the kids had a great time.

If you are looking for an affordable fun venue for your kids next party, look no further than My Gym Boston. If only they let us adults use the dolphin swing on the zipline!


  1. We recently went to a birthday party for the Duchess's friend here - a great place for 3 year olds. Don't forget to try the classes - they are VERY well organized and I like to call them the "napmaker."

  2. He looks like he really enjoyed his birthday in this gym full of activities and facilities. I think he would love to join toddler gymnastics when he gets at age 4.

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