Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Baby it’s Cold Outside…Achoo!

Every year around this time we spend more time indoors, the heat is cranked and inevitably one of us gets sick and then “shares” it with the rest of the family. My daughter, L, has gone to daycare since she was 3.5 months old (she is now 2) and this will be our 3rd New England winter. It seems like every winter, we go through an epic number of Boogie Wipes. I’m hoping that we’ll stay relatively cough and cold-free this year now that she’s a bit older and not prone to sticking absolutely every toy in her mouth that every other kid from daycare has inevitably drooled or chewed on.

We’ve been really lucky because L has been really healthy her whole life, in fact we have only had one unscheduled doctor’s visit since she was born! In my circle of playgroup pals, I have realized how many parents have questions about how often their kids get sick and is there something that they could do nutrition-wise or environmentally to help their kids thrive. Maybe I’m just more attuned to this because in my non-mom role, I teach Nutrition courses at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and also do Asthma Research at Children’s Hospital Boston.

To try to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about allergies and asthma, I contacted Mama J to see if the Boston Baby Mama readers would be interested in me contributing regularly to the blog. One of the topics that Mama J was interested in hearing about was how much genetics comes into play in allergies and asthma, so I’ll be working on a post about that soon, but so that I can get other ideas, please send topics of interest my way to the email asthma@childrens.harvard.edu or please post a comment!


  1. Hello! My daughter was diagnosed with a respiratory issue and then later "asthma" around 2 years old. Since we switched all our household products to chemical free ones it has definitely helped. However, whenever she starts to get the sniffles, I whip out the nebulizer and put her right on xolpenex or pulmacort (depending). I stopped using it completely for 8 weeks and she was totally fine!! It felt like I took the training wheels off my bike, but as cold season is upon us I find myself in the nervous nelly seat not wanting to wait and end up back in the ER. If I notice her not being as dependent on the machine should I keep her off it and see what happens or should I just continue with it until we are certain she is passed the stage. Question 2! I was told my husband out grew this toddler asthma and I am curious when kids typically outgrow it?

  2. Hi Audrey, Thanks for your comment/questions. Please see my followup post today (12/15/2011)!